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Water-soluble sachets and bags

Water-soluble sachets - these are small flat bags that are disposable packaging containing a portion of a specific product. The sachets are made of modern PVA foil, produced using innovative technologies. They are non-toxic and do not pollute the environment. These sachets do not allow odors and oxygen to pass through - they are safe for health. They dissolve in water very quickly.

Zdjęcie przedstawia saszetki wodorozpuszczalne w kolorze zielonym, różowym i brązowym.

What is PVA foil?

PVA foil - it is a foil made of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). It is characterized by high water absorption. Polyvinyl alcohol is one of the few polymers that dissolves in water.


PVA foil is also characterized by high resistance to tears and all types of tensile forces. It has a high level of transparency and a nicer shine than the rest of the foil. It also has very good insulating properties - it preserves the freshness of the packaged goods and maintains their fragrance properties. It does not allow oxygen to pass through. It also protects packaged goods from the effects of existing external odors. 


The foil reacts very well in the sealing process when closing the contents of the sachet.

It is fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It is ideal for producing water-soluble sachets and bags.

Grafika przedstawiająca właściwości fizyczne folii PVA używanej do produkcji saszetek

Advantages of packaging goods in water-soluble sachets

Sacheting is a great solution for products used with water. The great advantage of a water-soluble sachet is that it is ready to use, a measured portion/dose of the product ensuring ease of use and no direct contact with the substance. We pack both loose, granulated and liquid products in foil, paper and aluminum sachets.


Sachets made of PVA foil are:

  • soluble in both hot and cold water

  • they constitute an excellent barrier to odors, bacteria, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and oxygen

  • biodegradable under the influence of natural microorganisms

  • non-toxic

  • resistant to organic solvents, natural oils, fats and greases


Currently, there is a growing demand for sacheting, both in the sector of plant protection products, fertilizers, household chemicals, swimming pool chemicals and other chemicals in loose, granulated and gel form. We pack raw materials in the form of powder or granules into PVA foil sachets with a weight ranging from 5g to 500g.

We are one of the few companies on the market to offer service packaging of products in water-soluble sachets made of PVA/PVOH foil.


Join the group of our many satisfied customers.


One of them is Maciej Iżowski - co-owner of Grupa Iżowscy. He uses water-soluble sachets on his farm.

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