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11 November 2020
Every day we are exposed to microorganisms. From an early age everyone has heard the slogan "clean hands - healthy life". In elementary school, habits are formed in children and they are taught about the dangers of neglecting to wash their hands. More and more educational programs are being created to raise children's awareness of preventive health. Why taking care of hand cleanliness is so important? Bacteria can multiply very quickly and occupy almost all the surface available to them
10 November 2020
Packaging with the product forms a coherent whole. Attractive packaging can significantly increase the value of the goods. When designing packaging, it is important to consider what its main purpose will be, what functions it will perform. Packaging is subject to many established norms and standards in the domestic and global markets. Do you know what impact the packaging of goods has on your business and how to properly design it, what design to use so that it can increase

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