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Doypacks and bags

We customize our packaging services according to customer requirements. We pack various types of products in bags and doypacks. We pack powdered, crystalline or granular products from 1 g to 25 g.


Doypack- is a great marketing solution. This packaging, depending on the material from which it is made, can provide an excellent barrier to moisture and other undesirable factors. In addition, today's level of graphic technology makes it possible to create packaging or product labeling in accordance with the customer's marketing strategy and legal requirements.


Bags and doypacks can be printed with both color and black-and-white graphics or be labeled. Production dates, batch numbers or expiration dates can be applied directly to the packaging at the time of confection on the production line.

Cartons and display type cartons 

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Doypacks and bags



De-icing agents

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