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We provide a wide range of packaging services  including:


  • Crop protection

  • Adjuvants

  • Plant nutrients

  • Bio products

  • Household, industrial, pool and other chemicals

  • Granular fertilizers, crystaline fertilizers and liquid fertilizers

  • Pet products

  • Supplements for animals

  • Granules/ pellets of various types

  • Liquid products, semi liquid

  • Bulk products, semi-liquids, liquids, concentrates, emulsions, granulates, powders


Quality control
We package products at the higher level. We know perfectly well that the goods that leave our warehouse often go directly to sales. We do not allow ourselves any imperfections. Our internal control system at each stage of the packaging process allows us to maintain high quality standards.


Packaging selection
We take a comprehensive and individual approach to each customer. We offer a wide range of services: development of labels, selection of unit packaging, bulk packaging, packaging, repackaging, confectioning, foiling, welding, printing on the product. When selecting packaging and labels, we take into account legal requirements, market trends, marketing strategy, type of raw material and logistical requirements.


Crop protection
Plant protection products are the leading group of products packaged by the Nobilla Company. At present, we cooperate with several reputable companies that use the latest scientific and technical achievements in this field. Despite the fact that this group of products is particularly demanding in terms of certified packaging, label durability, printing, standards, inspection, we rise to the occasion and provide the highest quality service.


Logistics and distribution
The warehouse facilities we have at our disposal allow for convenient delivery of large batches of products, and the logistics of transporting the products after confection are handled by our sales department. When packing goods for transport in consultation with the customer, we take into account the logistical requirements of both shippers, wholesalers and warehouses. After determining the customer's quantity needs, the goods are shipped to the designated pick-up points.



Co-packing services

Cartons and display type cartons 

Bottles, carnisters and jars

Doypacks and bags



De-icing agents

e-mail: nobilla@nobillapoland.com

Tel.  +48 15 841 42 50

Tel. kom. +48 696 065 479

Swimming pool chemicals

Water–soluble sachets



Co-packing services

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