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De-icing agents

Ice melter is a chemical agent for removing ice and glaze from various surfaces. This agent, when in contact with ice or snow, emits heat that quickly and effectively melts it and prevents it from re-freezing. It is ideal for use within homes, schools, offices, stores, parking lots, gas stations, frost chambers, etc.

Ice melter is an extremely effective and efficient agent:


  • prevents damage to paving stones

  • does not cause injuries and inflammation of paws in dogs and cats

  • unlike road salt, does not harm the environment

  • does not leave a white residue on shoes

  • does not cause corrosion, does not adversely affect garden architecture

  • effectively removes ice from gutters and downspout

  • designed to eliminate snow on large areas of flat roofs


The de-icing agent removes ice more effectively at lower temperatures than road salt.


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De-icing agents

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