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Water-soluble sachets and bags

Water-soluble sachet is a excellent solution for products used with water.  The great advantage of a water-soluble sachet is that it is already ready to use, a measured portion/dose of the product ensuring ease of use and no direct contact with the substance. We pack both loose, granular and liquid products in foil, paper and aluminum sachets.


Sachets made of PVA film are:

  • soluble in both hot and cold water

  • they provide an excellent barrier to odors, bacteria, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and oxygen

  • biodegradable under the influence of natural microorganisms

  • non-toxic

  • resistant to organic solvents, natural oils, fats and greases


Nowadays, we can observe a growing demand for sachet packing, both in the sector of crop protection products, fertilizers, household chemicals, pool chemicals and other chemicals in powdered, granular and gel form. We are packing raw materials in the form of powder or granules in PVA film sachets of 5 g to 500 g.

We are the few on the market to offer service packaging of products in water-repellent sachets made of PVA/PVOH

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