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Co-packing services

In response to market demand we have been providing packaging services for various types of goods for many years. Our entire team is aware of how responsible this process is, starting with the selection of appropriate packaging, through its preparation, packing the product, labeling it, printing the date and batch numbers, packing it into bulk packaging and labeling it, and finally preparing and securing the product for transport taking into account the sales strategy of the client.

Packaging of household chemicals

Packaging of household chemicals is carried out using dedicated devices and machines that ensure the most efficient packaging and filling process possible.


PVA bags / water-soluble sachets

Sachet packaging is a excellent solution for products used with water. The great advantage of a water-soluble sachet is that it is already ready to use, a measured portion/dose of the product ensuring ease of use and no direct contact with the substance.

We pack both loose, granular and liquid products in foil, paper and aluminum sachets.

Cartons and display type cartons 

Bottles, carnisters and jars



De-icing agents

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Swimming pool chemicals



Co-packing services

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