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Bottles, canisters and jars

Plastic is a material very commonly used in service packaging mainly of liquid products. We offer bottling of liquid substances as well as granules, powders, capsules of various kinds into PE, HDPE or COEX packages with capacities from 1 to 20,000 ml or 100 to 1,000 g.


For bottles, canisters, cans, jars or buckets we confection:


  • liquid fertilizers

  • adjuvants

  • crop protection products in liquid, semi-liquid, granular form

  • cleaners, impregnants, concentrates - household chemicals

  • building chemistry

  • oils

  • greases

  • solvents

  • nutrients

  • supplements

  • capsules

Cartons and display type cartons 

Bottles, carnisters and jars

Doypacks and bags



De-icing agents

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Swimming pool chemicals

Water–soluble sachets



Co-packing services

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