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Packaging of household chemicals

What is household chemicals packaging?

Household chemicals are packed using dedicated devices and machines that ensure the most efficient packaging and filling process possible. Household chemical products may be in liquid or loose form (powders or granules). The process of repackaging chemical products is carried out in accordance with all safety standards and rules.

Packing household chemicals

The packaging process of household chemicals should take into account specific safety and environmental protection rules. Household chemical products, due to their properties and purpose, should be packed with particular care. It is important that the packaging is durable and strong, preventing the goods from spilling or spilling outside.


Household chemicals include all types of cleaning chemicals intended for households, plant protection products, fertilizers and industrial fluids.


Chemical products often go to the same sales points as food products. These goods are often packed by buyers into one shopping basket. It is therefore important that chemicals have appropriate packaging and do not get into food products.

Pouring household chemicals

Household chemicals are poured through an automatic liquid bottling line and a capping machine.

Filling lines are equipped with filling and dosing systems, damaged bottle sensors and palletizing systems.  The entire filling process is controlled by light sensors that control the exit and entry of the product.


Filling lines are expanded with additional equipment depending on the type, quantity and volume of the liquid being packaged.


Bottles, jars, canisters, cans and buckets can be filled.

We package liquid fertilizers, adjuvants, plant protection products, construction chemicals, solvents, nutrients, supplements, oils and greases.

Types of packaging used for packaging

Various types of packaging are used in the packaging process. In addition to aesthetic values ​​that influence sales, packaging should protect the goods against leakage.


Household chemicals are substances with specific properties, therefore the type and quality of packaging is as important as in the food industry.


Packaging intended for packaging household chemicals should be durable and resistant to external factors, solid workmanship and good quality. The packaging closing system is also crucial, as it makes it difficult for children to open.

Labeling of household chemicals packaging

In the case of packaging household chemicals, packaging labeling is of particular importance. Packaging labeling is described in detail in the Act on Chemical Substances and Their Mixtures. The label on "containers and tanks used for storing hazardous substances" should contain a number of information: 

  • clear warning signs,

  • instructions and information on conditions of use and storage along with additional warnings,

  • logo and information about the manufacturer.

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