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Packaging of animal food

Packaging of pet food - what is this service?

Packaging pet food involves preparing ready-to-sell food packaging that is tailored to customer and market requirements. Packaging may include activities such as: weighing, dosing, closing, labeling, foiling, palletizing and transport. Packaging of pet food can be carried out by an external company specializing in this service, which has the appropriate equipment, staff, permits and know-how.

What permits are needed to pack pet food?

To be able to package pet food, certain requirements must be met. According to the Chief Veterinary Inspectorate, food packaging entities should be approved by the competent authority and have an HACCP system implemented.


The above requirements are among those necessary to ensure the safety and quality of pet food. If you are considering commissioning a pet food packaging service, it is worth making sure that the packaging company has these permits, because failure to comply with them may result in legal problems.

What are the advantages of packaging pet food by an external company?

Saving time and money - Ordering the pet food packaging service allows you to focus on your main business. You do not have to invest in machines, warehouses, employees and training related to product packaging. You entrust this task to professionals who will perform it quickly and efficiently, ensuring the highest standards and a competitive price.


Flexibility and adaptation to needs - the pet food packaging service gives you the opportunity to choose the type, size and shape of packaging that best suits your product and customer expectations. You can also decide on the method of labeling, foiling, palletizing and storing the products to ensure their protection and presentation. You can easily change the quantity and frequency of orders depending on market demand.


Guarantee of quality and safety - ordering the preparation of pet food means entrusting this process to an external company that meets all quality and sanitary standards. A company packaging animal food must have appropriate certificates and permits that confirm its competence and credibility. A company packaging animal food must also take special care of the hygiene and cleanliness of rooms and machines and comply with regulations regarding animal food.


Na zdjęciu widoczne różnego rodzaju opakowania, butelki, słoiki, kanistry, puszki do konfekcjonowanie chemii gospodarczej

Types of packaging used for packaging

Pet food packaging is designed to protect the product against contamination, moisture, loss of flavor and nutrients. There are many types of packaging used to package pet food, such as foil bags, doy-packs, foil sachets, foil packaging, paper packaging and multi-layer packaging.


The choice of the appropriate type of packaging depends on many factors, such as the type of food, customer requirements, production and transport costs, ecological and aesthetic aspects.

Our pet food packaging services

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