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11 November 2020

Hand hygiene protects against viruses and diseases.

Every day we are exposed to microorganisms. From an early age everyone has heard the slogan "clean hands - healthy life". In elementary school, habits are formed in children and they are taught about the dangers of neglecting to wash their hands. More and more educational programs are being created to raise children's awareness of preventive health.


Why taking care of hand cleanliness is so important?


Bacteria can multiply very quickly and occupy almost all the surface available to them in a short period of time. We often forget how easily by touching various objects we help them spread.
The most common bacteria on our hands are the bacteria that cause pneumonia and various types of viruses. This is why there are so many cases of flu or pharyngitis. 
Living in a constant rush, we often forget to wash our hands after every time we come home, visit a store, touch money or leave the restroom.



Education of the public on this safety issue is still active especially at times when there is a real threat of the spread of epidemics such as the current SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Adherence to hygiene rules among the population increases safety and reduces the likelihood of new outbreaks. 

The rules of adherence and quality improvements in hygiene maintenance in public places, malls, cinemas or gyms in recent years are particularly noticeable.

Hand sanitizer dispensers, which are convenient to use, are increasingly being used in companies. Wanting to avoid many infections, not only employers, but also employees should remember the importance of maintaining hygiene in the workplace.

In homes and apartments, disinfection is also used in rooms where a sick person is or has been staying. To protect other household members, disinfectants and antibacterial agents are used on door components and household appliances.

Recent studies show that coronaviruses can survive on their own on metal, plastic and glass surfaces for up to nine days. Most coronaviruses tested lose their ability to survive when confronted with disinfectants.

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