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Doypacks and bags

We tailor our packaging services to customer requirements. We pack various types of products in bags and doypacks. We package powder, crystalline or granulated products from 1 g to 25,000 g.

Grafika przedstawia trzy opakowania typu doypack w kolorze fioletowym, zielonym i niebieskim z logo firmy Nobilla.

Doypack - flexible packaging

Doypack – it's a great marketing solution. Depending on the material it is made of, this packaging can provide an excellent barrier to moisture and other undesirable factors. In addition, today's level of graphic technology allows us to create packaging or labeling of products in line with the client's marketing strategy and legal requirements.

Bags and doypacks can be printed with both color and black and white graphics or provided with a label. Production dates, batch numbers and expiration dates can be applied directly to the packaging at the time of packaging on the production line.

Packaging goods into doypack bags

The packaging of goods into bags of this type is carried out through an appropriately adapted technological line in a company that has space, optimized, specialized equipment and machinery.


The process of packaging goods into doypack bags should be quick and efficient and relatively cheap for the contractor. 


A team of qualified employees supervises the entire process of repacking goods from collective to individual packaging. Particularly important in this process is the control of measuring portions of goods, numbering batches and printing expiration dates.


The next stage is often assembling and inserting the goods, which involves adding operating instructions or leaflets with promotional codes inside the packaging and parcels.

Packaging the goods ends the process of palletizing and securing the goods for transport.

Benefits of flexible bags

Flexible bags are a type of packaging made of foil, laminates and paper. These materials are characterized by great ease in folding, bending, forming and shaping.


They are used in many industries, including: chemical, food, construction and industrial. These packaging are characterized by high aesthetics, they properly protect the product - they are resistant to tearing.


They are often a great showcase for the brand by providing a positive shopping experience.  Minimalist design and high quality content translates into the number of sales of goods.

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