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Human skin is particularly exposed to an environment full of microorganisms. Millions of bacteria can settle on the skin of the hands.
Various viruses responsible for causing epidemics are most often and easily transmitted through the hands.   
The best way to protect our bodies from bacteria is to wash our hands frequently and thoroughly, and to disinfect them.
Hand washing with soap alone removes a maximum of about 60% of bacteria, while disinfecting and sanitizing hands removes more than 90%.
The WHO (World Health Organization) reports that more than 70% of illnesses caused by bacteria are transmitted and caused by contaminated hands.


Liquid for hygienic hand disinfection by rubbing method and for hygienic disinfection of surfaces not in contact with food.
The product shows bactericidal and virucidal activity after about 1 minute.


Product characteristics:
General and professional user.
Active substances: ethanol 80% (800 g/l)


How to use:


Hand disinfection: The product is ready to use. Do not dilute. Apply an appropriate amount of the product (about 3 ml) to dry hands. Rub in for about 1 minute. Leave the preparation to dry on the hands. Do not dry hands, do not rinse with water. For external use. Do not use on damaged skin.

Surface disinfection: The product is ready to use. Do not dilute. Evenly spray from a distance of about 30 cm on the surface to be disinfected or apply by pouring and then rubbing.
Allow to dry. Surfaces in contact with food, after using the preparation, rinse with water.

We offer convenient to use atomizers and dispensers with a capacity of 250 ml and 300 ml.


Refillers of 0,5 L, 1 L and 5 L are also available.

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