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Pool chemicals / Swimming pool chemical agents

A swimming pool is not only a pleasure, but also an obligation to keep it clean. Over time, unfavorable microorganisms appear in the pool, threatening the safety of pool users, such as fungi, bacteria and algae, most of which are germs that cause numerous infections in bathers.

The rapid multiplication of microorganisms leads to the formation of sediment and turbidity in the water, which the filter pump alone cannot cope with. In order to maintain the purity of pool water it is necessary to systematically carry out treatments: PH regulation, disinfection or algae elimination. In order to keep the water crystal clear, it is then necessary to use pool chemistry from the AquaPlus pool line.

To maintain perfectly clean water, we recommend our entire family of BASEN AQUAPLUS products. This is a wide range of products for comprehensive pool care, so that, it is possible to maintain clean and hygienic water in small and large pools.

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