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10 November 2020

The impact of packaging on the customer's choice of goods.

Packaging with the product forms a coherent whole. Attractive packaging can significantly increase the value of the goods.

When designing packaging, it is important to consider what its main purpose will be, what functions it will perform. Packaging is subject to many established norms and standards in the domestic and global markets.

Do you know what impact the packaging of goods has on your business and how to properly design it, what design to use so that it can increase sales of the goods? At the exhibition, it must stand out from the competition. It is often the most important element in attracting customer attention.

Nowadays, virtually every product has packaging. Their variety arouses the consumer's interest and desire to purchase the goods. 

Product packaging is the most effective way of communication between the customer and the company.



In commerce there is a battle for the customer, the one who stands out wins
In order for a customer to pay attention to a product, its packaging must meet certain characteristics.

Sight is one of the main senses influencing decision-making, so the packaging of the goods must have the right aesthetics and quality. It should have the right shape, size, color and graphics, as well as properly displayed promotional information.


Marketing plays an important role in the process of selling a product.

An increasingly important aspect of packaging is its impact on product sales. The packaging industry is evolving very rapidly, more and more modern methods of product protection and consumer safety are emerging.


What are the functions of packaging?


Packaging with the product forms a coherent whole. Attractive packaging can significantly increase the value of the goods.

When designing packaging, it is important to consider what its main purpose will be, what functions it will perform. Packaging is subject to many established norms and standards in the domestic and global market.

One of the main functions is to protect the product. Goods must be properly protected during transportation, and safe from harmful internal and external factors.

The packaging protects the contents for the duration of its storage or from damage during its handling.



Goods are subject to many processes of distribution. Thanks to the growing digitization, bar codes are placed on packaging to facilitate the circulation of goods.

The posted coded information allows global management.


Packaging also has an informational function. Again, there are unified standards in most countries. The consumer can get a lot of information about the product, find out what its expiration date is for consumption or use the instructions for the product.



Manufacturers post all data following to guidelines, and with the convenience of customers in mind. Information is often displayed in the form of colorful graphics that make it easy to read the data and identify the product.



Packaging also has a marketing function, that is, it is designed to attract customers' attention. In the era of super and hypermarkets and self-service stores, packaging takes on special importance. The customer directly selects the product from the store shelf. The original appearance and expressive shape of the packaging of the goods and the material from which it is made can significantly affect the scale of his interest and sales.



What colors for what product?


Proper design for packaging, using the right colors for the target customer group is very important. 
Colors are of great importance to people, so special attention should be paid to the selection of packaging colors among others for men and women.

Colors considered masculine are primarily black, white and blue possibly navy. Women's colors, on the other hand, are blue, purple and green. 
When designing packaging, keep in mind the gender of the target group.

The color blue reigns supreme over the rest of the colors in terms of how much it is used in the packaging industry. It signifies safety and peace as well as trust and loyalty.

The color green means life. It is a symbol of freedom and happiness. It is great in spring and summer. It is associated with nature and health.

The most intense color is red. It exhorts, provokes action and attracts attention. It releases adrenaline and raises blood pressure. It is very noticeable. Marketing specialists use it by placing it often in the foreground. It signifies prestige and luxury. It is often used in promotions.

The color yellow is quite popular. It brings out positive qualities in the recipients. It gives a sense of happiness, warmth and joy. This color stimulates the brain and improves memory. It works great in the food industry.

The darkest color is black. It is a symbol of sophistication, luxury and elegance. Black is a classic and is timeless. It helps sell expensive luxury goods and top quality products.

If the recipients of the goods are to be children, then designers use brighter colors for girls. The packaging of toys for boys tends to have dark colors that emphasize their contents.

Of course, people are different, complex with many preferences, are not loyal to one brand, and are often guided by emotions when making a choice. However, research shows that the colors chosen have a real impact on increasing sales of selected products when properly applied.

Can the shape of packaging affect sales? 


The value of a product can be influenced not only by the appearance of its packaging, but also by its shape. It can significantly distinguish it from other, competing goods. 



Packaging design is an art. It requires a lot of creativity and intuition, as well as knowledge.
Studies of the human brain suggest how to establish a better connection with consumers.  The customer's ability to touch the packaging of goods can also influence choice.

It is possible to find packages with cut-out holes that also allow the product to be touched directly.
As practice shows, we are more likely to buy something that we can touch.
It is also recommended to experiment with different shapes of packaging. Just as with color and vision, consumers have different tastes.

The best packages are those that are relevant to the product and are well received by a select group of potential buyers who pay attention to every detail. Packaging should evoke emotions and create a bond with the customer.

Packaging as a major element of market influence.


Eco-friendly packaging.


More and more people are talking about eco-friendly packaging. The fashion for eco-packaging is growing.

Environmental protection is becoming a priority given the pollution of our planet. There will be growing interest in green packaging, especially in the food industry where food packaging accounts for more than 65% of the total packaging market.


Many manufacturers are making strides in this regard, reducing the amount and thickness of the raw materials from which packaging is made. They are increasingly responsible and concerned about the environment. This approach is expected by consumers themselves, who appreciate and choose more and more precisely products in eco-packaging. The future of the packaging industry is environmental friendly ideas.


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