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As one of the few companies on the market we offer packing of products in water-soluble pouches made of PVA/PVOH foil.


It is a superb solution for products used with water. A great advantage of the water-soluble pouch is the ready-to-use, measured portion/dose of the product ensuring ease of use and lack of direct contact with the substance. We pack both powdery, granulated and liquid products in foil, paper and aluminium sachets.

Sachets made of PVA film are:

  • They are soluble in both hot and cold water

  • They constitute an excellent barrier to odours, bacteria, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and oxygen

  • Biodegradable under the influence of natural microorganisms

  • Non-toxic

  • Resistant to organic solvents, natural oils, fats and greases

Currently, we can observe a growing demand for this type of packaging, both in the sector of plant protection products, fertilizers, household detergents, swimming pool chemicals and other chemical agents in powdery, granulated and gel forms. Raw materials in the form of powder or granulate are packed in sachets made of PVA foil with a weight ranging from 5g to 500g.