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In response to market demands, we have been an expert in packaging various types of goods for many years now. No one is more aware than our entire team of how significant this process is, starting with the selection of appropriate packaging, through its preparation, wrapping the product, labelling it, printing the date and batch numbers, preparing collective packaging and labelling them, and ending with the preparation and securing the product for shipment, taking into account the sales strategy of the Client. Thanks to our well developed production lines - packaging, labelling, printing as well as qualified staff, we provide our Clients with services of the highest quality.

We render a wide range of packaging services:

  • Plant protection chemicals
  • Adjuvants
  • Conditioners
  • BIO products
  • Household, industrial, swimming pool and other chemicals
  • Granulated, crystalline, liquid fertilizers
  • Zoological Products
  • Supplements for animals
  • Various types of granulates
  • Dry goods, semi-liquid, liquid products, concentrates, emulsions, granulates



Quality control

Our service of packing and customising goods is of the highest quality. We are perfectly aware of the fact that goods that leave our warehouse often go directly for sale. We do not allow ourselves for any imperfections. Our internal system of control at each stage of the packaging process allows us to maintain top quality standards.


Selection of Packaging

We take both individual and comprehensive approach to each Client. We offer a wide range of services: preparation of labels, selection of unit and collective packaging, packing, re-packing, assembling, foiling, heat sealing, stamping the product. When selecting packaging and labels we take into consideration legal requirements, market trends, marketing strategy, type of raw material and logistic requirements.


Plant protection products

Plant protection products represent the leading group of products packaged by Nobilla. At present, we work with several reputable manufacturers who use the latest scientific and technical achievements in this field. Although the group of these products is particularly demanding in terms of certified packaging, durability of labels, printing, norms, control, we are up to the task and provide the highest quality services.

Logistics and distribution

Warehouse facilities at our disposal allow for convenient deliveries of large batches of goods, and our sales department handles the logistics of transport of products after they have been packaged. When packing goods for shipment in consultation with the client, we take into account the logistic requirements of both carriers, wholesalers and warehouses. After determining the quantitative needs of the Client, the goods are dispatched to the indicated collection points.